Attractions in County Louth - Ireland


Cooley Peninsula

Cooley Peninsula

Cooley Peninsula, wild and hilly, is home to the Cooley Mountains which peak at Slieve Foy at 588m.  Slieve Foy is also the highest peak in County Louth Ireland. With rugged scenery and historic sites the Cooley Peninsula runs along the coast line and cuts through the mountains and is one of the most scenic places to see in Ireland.  Towns you will encounter along the way on the peninsula are Omeath, Greenore and the medieval town of Carlingford.  A popular hiking trail for walkers on the Cooley Peninsula is the Táin Way (Sli Na Tana), a long distance walk of approximately 40kms which can take 2 days but has plenty of accommodation options along the way.

Blackrock, Co. Louth


Monasterboice near Drogheda in County Louth Ireland is one of the most famous religious sites in Ireland and one of the top places to see in Ireland.  Said to have been founded in the 5th century by St Buithe (one of the followers of St. Patrick) the impressive ruins of Monasterboice monastic site are home to some of the best examples of high crosses in Ireland.  The most impressive of the high crosses is Muirdach’s Cross, dating from the early 10th century and standing 16 feet tall, this well preserved high cross has superb examples of Celtic stone carvings, with the carved artwork depicting Old Testament biblical scenes for those who were unable to read which, at the time was the majority of the population.


Old Mellifont Abbey

Mellifont Abbey, founded in 1142, was the first Cistercian monastery to be built in Ireland and was constructed on the orders of the Archbishop of Armagh Saint Malachy. Less than 30 years after being built the Old Mellifont Abbey was home to approx 400 people including 100 Monks.  Sitting on the banks of the River Mattock the Old Mellifont Abbey, while now in ruins, is still a striking sight and visitors will appreciate the scale and intricacy of the original Abbey in County Louth Ireland.


Located on the shore of Carlingford Lough and on the Cooley Peninsula, Carlingford town in County Louth Ireland offers magnificent views of the Mourne Mountains.  A lively town with a medieval history, Carlingford is an appealing place to explore.  Sights in Carlingford include the Holy Trinity Heritage Centre, located in an Old Church and hosting interesting exhibitions about the area’s history and also King John’s Castle a Norman castle built in the 12th century.



Drogheda, from the Irish Droichead Átha, meanting bridge of the ford is a town with a rich medieval history.  The town, one of the largest in Ireland, crosses into 2 counties, County Meath and County Louth but it is mainly situated in County Louth Ireland.  Along with its historical draw Drogheda is an ideal location for individuals, groups and families with many activiites on offer such as golf, swimming, tennis, cycling, fishing and a waterpark.


Dundalk is the county town of County Louth Ireland and is the last major town before the Northern Irish border with an excellent location midway between Irelands two largest Cities, Belfast and Dublin, Dundalk is 50 miles (80km) from each city.  The town centre offers a variety of boutiques, coffee shops and bistros and there is also a County Museum in Dundalk which shows the history of the area.